Suggest your property


Rent your home when you are away.

What do we do?

We propose to optimize the moments when you are not at home, for a day, a weekend, a week or more.

We rent your property to tourists, business travelers, families but also for a photoshoot or a showroom to present the collection autumn-winter...

« Your home is empty , it would be a shame not to take advantage of it! »

Make your life easier !

Working with us not only allows you to welcome paying guests into your home when you are away but also to benefit from a complete service designed from A to Z to simplify your life and make a return on your assets

« Sit back and relax, we work on your behalf. »

Zéro stress

We are fully aware of what your home means to you. Allowing a third party to look after it requires maximum trust. Safety and respect of your privacy are essential to us. All our guests are carefully selected, we have designed an innovative storage closing system and we ensure house rules are respected.

« Everything is under control »

Why would you rent ?

And why not ? This is the icing on the cake:
It’s the extra cash that will allow you to refurbish the bathroom, go to NYC, schedule a romantic weekend, buy the design table which you had a crash on ...